Event Marketing

If your product or service requires face to face interaction OR your sales will benefit from an on-site presentation than you need to start Event Marketing.

So what is EventSpot and How can it help me?


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Event Marketing from Growbuysell.com your Hawaii solution provider

1. Focus your qualified prospects on your products & services

Live events allow you to taylor the Features, Advantages, and Benefits of your product or service to the prospects in front of you. As good as your website, white papers, radio advertising, or any other medium is…They can’t beat a live presentation to a group of pre-qualified people.

2. Instantly engage your prospects and answer questions

As good as today’s technology is, nothing beats real-time, real-life event marketing. You can make a presentations on Vimeo or Youtube and convey your message to thousands or even millions of viewers, but you are simply relying on a numbers game. Real-time engagement means real-time sales and/or sales appointments.

3. Find out exactly what is important to your prospects in real time

Most sales associates and business owners know that a sales presentation usually consists of product or service features, benefits, and the advantages of those benefits. A live event allows you to engage your prospects with questions that will allow you to present ONLY the material that is important to them. You can do this in real-time or screen your prospects with Online Survey’s to find out what information they’d be willing to attend an  event for.

4. Address questions and concerns that may otherwise cause you to lose a sale

This is pretty much self explanatory… NO it’s not. Simply put, if you haven’t created metrics to properly analyze your sales process and find the “sweet spot”, than you’re losing customers. We’ve found that conducting live events is the most effective way to supplement your current sales nurturing and automation marketing (If you haven’t established this yet, than we can help).

5. Sell your products at the event or schedule your follow up appointments!

You and I both know that not all products are created equal. Often you’re sales are made many days, weeks, or even months down the road because they require on-site consultations or estimates, so a live event is your opportunity to create customer confidence in you and your product or service. Especially, if you haven’t created a Brand or Company Image.

6. Communication is mostly body language and tone – Your words get lost in cyberspace

Okay your words, my words, and everyone else’s words only communicate 7% of  their intent. 7%? The other 93% consists of 38% tone and 55% body language. In other words, most small businesses will benefit greatly from the amount of information and emotion that is communicated in a live presentation. One last thought: Text messages have routinely caused miscommunication because of their lack of information (tone and body language). Often your web presence is no better than a text message.

7. Clients will more likely buy a product or service that they can emotionally and physically attach themselves to.

That’s why car dealerships want you to take a test drive, cable companies want you to experience HBO pay channels for a limited time, and marketing companies (like ours) provide 60 day free trials. 


  • Automatic registration collection

  • Over 150 themes to create visually attractive events

  • Customizable registration forms

  • 30 standard registration questions available

  • Include up to 20 custom questions

  • Online maps for event location

  • Ability to create multiple registration fees (Member/non-member, guest, early/late)

  • Use promotion codes to offer special access, discounted pricing and host private events

  • Guest registration

  • Paper tickets, mobile tickets and mobile tickets via Passbook

  • Multiple payment options for registrants (credit card, check, Pay at the door, ProPay, Authorize.net, PayPal™)

  • Supports 21 different currencies

  • Automatic registration confirmation emails

  • RSVP

  • Sell items 

  • Collect donations


  • Custom event invitations with unlimited sending

  • Web page for your event

  • Events Calendar Tool and widget for website

  • Unique shareable event URL to post anywhere

  • Get your event noticed by sharing it on public event directories

  • Display a list of who’s attending

  • Send event reminders and follow-up emails to registrants and non-responders

  • RSS feed

  • Allow your event to be found on search engines by adding SEO keywords

  • Tweet your Event

  • Share your event on Facebook

  • Let registrants share the event on social sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

  • Add a hashtag for your event

  • Promote your event on your Facebook page with the Facebook App


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