Acquisition Assistance

Acquisition AssistanceAcquisition assistance will make your purchase a cinch

Acquisition Assistance

If you are looking to Buy a Business or would like help acquiring a small business you need to consider hiring professional acquisition assistance.

Did you already find the right Hawaii business for sale? For buyers already looking at a specific Hawaii business and would like a professional to manage the process. Buyer representation from a professional business broker will be invaluable to your team of professionals. “No man is an island” – Investing in a professional, such as an attorney, CPA, or business broker will save you more time and money than it costs.
  1. Business Market Valuation
  2. Review and provide analysis on business financials
  3. Attend seller/broker meetings
  4. MANAGE entire due diligence process
  5. Present offers on your behalf
  6. Represent you through to closing

How We Can Help:

  1. Identify, Qualify, and Evaluate prospective Hawaii businesses
  2. Proposition prospective business owner with a personal letter of buyer qualifications, motivation and detailed professional experience. Basically, why you are the right buyer for this business. (For many owners, finding the RIGHT BUYER is just as important as finding a qualified buyer.) Additionally, this letter will minimize the business owners concerns about confidentiality because they are able to deal directly with buyer and buyer representation.
  3. Follow up phone call which verifies receipt of letter and inquires if the prospect is interested in the sale of the business.
  4. Gain agreement to sell, confidentiality agreement with owner, gather financials, etc. Verify buyer criteria is met.
  5. Make an offer or Establish a sale price.
  6. Business Broker Acquisition Agreement
  • Buyer and Seller representations
  • Covenants a) Negative covenants – Protects buyer from seller taking actions that would change the business in any way. b) Affirmative Covenants – For example, allowing buyer full access to books, records, properties, etc…
  • Conditions precedent to closing
  • Indemnification

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